DIVI Keyboard Shortcuts

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Page Shortcuts
ctrl+z    Undo
ctrl+y    Redo
ctrl+s    Save Page
ctrl+shift+s    Save Page As Draft
ctrl+e    Exit Visual Builder
ctrl+shift+e    Exit To Backend Builder
t    Toggle Settings Bar
o    Open Page Settings
h    Open History Window
p    Open Portability Window
ctrl++    Responsive Zoom In
ctrl+–    Responsive Zoom Out
shift+w    Wireframe Mode
ctrl+shift+c    Click Mode
ctrl+shift+g    Grid Mode
ctrl+shift+h    Hover Mode
?    List All Shortcuts


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Module Shortcuts

ctrl+c    Copy Module
ctrl+x    Cut Module
ctrl+v    Paste Module
ctrl+alt+c    Copy Module Styles
ctrl+alt+v    Paste Module Styles
l    Lock Module
d    Disable Module
alt+module move    Move and copy module into dropped location
c+1/2/3/4/5/…    Change Column Structure
r+f    Make Row Fullwidth
g+1/2/3/4    Change Gutter Width
r+1/2/3/4/5/…    Add New Row
s+1/2/3    Add New Section
shift+Drag Padding    Restrict padding to 10px increments
alt+Drag Padding    Padding limited to opposing value
shift+alt+Drag Padding    Mirror padding on both sides
r+left/right/up/down    Increase Row Padding
r+alt+left/right/up/down    Decrease Row Padding
s+left/right/up/down    Increase Section Padding
s+alt+left/right/up/down    Decrease Section Padding
r+shift+left/right/up/down    Increase Row Padding By 10px
r+alt+shift+left/right/up/down    Decrease Row Padding By 10px
s+shift+left/right/up/down    Increase Section Padding By 10px
s+alt+shift+left/right/up/down    Decrease Section Padding By 10px



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